Highly visible, high-converting websites made specifically for coaches who are ready to launch or rebrand their business on a budget!

What if You Could Stop Every Website Visitor in Their Tracks?

You’ve got the talent and the vision, now you just need the clients.

Well, you’ve come to the right place! You already know that you’re an amazing health coach ready to start booking clients and changing lives – now you just need a website that reflects that!

Say goodbye to boring, generic designs and grab attention with a website template that reflects your brand while sparking hope, wonder, and excitement for what the future could look like for your dream clients!

When your potential clients visit your website, they want to see something…

Awe-Inspiring – they need to feel motivated within seconds of reaching your site.
Professional – your website needs to reflect that you’re a professional health coach with the solutions they need.
Eye-Catching – attractive images and a clear message keep your visitors on your site. 
Enlightening – what is it about your program that will get them the results that others haven’t?
Results-Driven – they’ve tried it all, and they are ready for something that works.
Wendy Neal Design - Coaching

You’ve got the know-how, now it’s time to share it!

Presenting a website design that sets you apart from the crowd is what I do. Stop stressing over your site and focus that time on what you REALLY want to do – following up on leads, and catering to the needs of your clients!


Professional Template Websites for Coaches

This stress-free solution for coaches includes everything you need for a professional website that’s easy to find through search engines and designed to convert visitors into clients!

Wendy Neal Design - Template Sites

Each of our professionally-designed website templates include:


Home, About, Work With Me, and Contact sections (1-page) or individual pages (4-page)


Terms of Use , Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer pages to ensure compliance


The best plugins are included to make your site easy to use for you AND your visitors


Allow visitors to book calls and schedule sessions in seconds directly from your site


Built with WordPress – the same content management system that Fortune 500 companies use


Your site will be easy to navigate and look amazing on EVERY device (phone, tablet, laptop)


If you don’t have a logo, we’ll create a simple, elegant, text-based logo for you


Your website will connect to your social media accounts so you can share from site to social in a flash


A Google-friendly and SEO-optimized website will help your ideal clients find you


Know exactly how your website is performing and who your visitors are


Capture leads and welcome them into your sales funnel seamlessly


You’ll get one-on-one training on how to use your completed template website

Want to take your site to the next level?

Check out these optional add-ons:

Wendy Neal Design - Web Design
Blog Add-On

Provide highly valuable information that shows your expertise and builds trust. Includes publishing of 3 blog posts.

Blog + Recipes Add-On

Add a recipe module along with your blog for posting recipes. Includes publishing a total of 3 posts (blogs and/or recipes).

Additional Web Pages

Want to sell physical products, show testimonials, or share information on speaking engagements? We can add pages for that!

We turn every template into a unique, professional website for your health coaching business!

Here’s how it works… Enjoy a simple, stress-free, 6-step process!


Step One: Choose Your Template & Add-Ons

Pick from one of four gorgeous templates! See below for screenshots and demos. Don’t worry if you change your mind; you can still change templates before the design begins (Step 5).


Step Two: Schedule Your Business Strategy Call

We’ll connect and talk about your business, who your ideal clients are, and what kind of vibe and style you want to invoke on your site. Then we can discuss which of our 10 lead magnets is right for you. Or you can use your own.


Step Three: Sign Up For Services

Based on our business strategy conversation, we’ll recommend the best hosting provider, domain registrar, email newsletter service, and scheduler, and give you guidance on how to create your accounts with them.


Step Four: Gather Your Content

Complete our workbooks and send over any copy, fonts, headshots, images, and phrases you want us to integrate into your site. If we have any questions or aren’t perfectly clear on anything, we’ll contact you before we begin.


Step Five: We Design; You Relax!

We get to work creating your dream website, you focus on your business! Once we receive ALL your content, we’ll design your site, integrate the services we recommended, and deliver your amazing website in 7 business days or less.


Step Six: Review and Give Feedback

You’ll get to look over your completed website, provide any last-minute feedback, and let us make any minor edits. During this time, we’ll show you how to use your amazing new website, too!

…And You Are Ready to Launch!

Start off Strong with a High-Converting Lead Magnet that’s Ready to Go!

Your website is just a part of your successful marketing strategy. The next part is having a lead magnet that converts website visitors into engaged subscribers.
You’ll have TEN lead magnets to choose from that are FILLED with valuable information. The one you choose will be customized to your unique brand and niche! 

Check out this sample

Wendy Neal Design - Sample eBook Cover

These Are The Beautiful Templates You Can Choose From…

Wendy Neal Design - Sasha Site Template

The Sasha One-Page Website Template

Starts at $395 USD

Wendy Neal Design - Abigail Site Template

The Abigail Four-Page Website Template

Starts at $795 USD

Wendy Neal Design - Monique Site Template

The Monique Four-Page Website Template

Starts at $795 USD

Wendy Neal Design - Jasmine Site Template

The Jasmine Four-Page Website Template

Starts at $795 USD

Get a Website That Is Customized to YOUR Needs

Your template website will be 100% yours. In addition to your logo, color schemes, copy, and images, I’ll incorporate quality plugins and configure them to your exact needs!

Some are premium plugins that you get for FREE; you’ll never have to pay a fee for their use, as I have already taken care of it with my Agency License.

Plugins + Integrations Included

Easy-To-Use Theme Builder

Search Engine Optimization

Website Security

Data Protection



And more!

Get Ready to Make an Impact

It’s okay to want to start small, but your website is an investment! It’s the first impression most of your potential clients will have – they’ll know if they want to work with you before they read a single word!  

You have a passion for coaching and the drive to succeed. I’ll give you the tools you need to make it happen with a site that can evolve as your company or practice grows.

Wendy Neal Design

Why Choose Me For Your Website?

Getting your site together is overwhelming, I totally get it. But you don’t need to stress about choosing a designer.
In case we haven’t met, I’m Wendy. Throughout my 20+ year career in web design and development, I’ve designed over 120 websites, many for small , business owners, entrepreneurs, and coaches. Since 2017, over 30 of them have been for health coaches just like you.
With over two decades in this field, I’ve helped health coaches succeed by providing them with…
A budget-conscious website that doesn’t sacrifice quality or functionality!
An amazing visitor experience that is designed to attract, engage, and convert your ideal clients!
A branded, personalized site that reflects your unique coaching business and professional vision!
A high-converting lead magnet that will have your visitors subscribing at an amazing rate!
Training to maximize your site so you know how to add images, update your blog, and troubleshoot any issues without a problem!
You need a professional who can not only provide you with a gorgeous website that you can actually afford, you need one who gets your vision! You want health coaches everywhere to stop at your page and wonder how they can get to where you are.

I’m not just here to build your site, I’m here to guide you through the hard stuff.

Most website designers who use templates just send you a pre-recorded video tutorial, some FAQs, and send you on your way. But what happens if you get stuck? Just like you are coaching your clients to lead a healthier life, I can coach you to keep your website healthy and at peak performance.

Not only do I offer live, customized training that’s 100% geared toward your own website, I’ll answer all of your questions + send you a recording of our training so you can reference it whenever you need to. I also provide email support for 30 days after your site launches.

With the included training, you’ll have everything you need to get started. Don’t settle for a generic setup and find yourself scratching your head hours later.

Wendy Neal Design - Website Design

There are no limits to what you can accomplish through the aesthetic appeal of an eye-catching website with quality content.

Boost your revenue and build a reputation by letting your website do the hard work for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with a template website?

All WordPress template site designs include the following:

  • Includes pages or sections for: Home, About Me, Work With Me, Contact Me
  • Includes 3 legal pages: Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer
  • Business Strategy Kickoff Call
  • Strategy, Branding & Content Workbooks (all images and content provided by you)
  • Text-only simple logo creation (or we’ll use your logo if you have one)
  • Free customized eBook lead magnet with email subscribe setup
  • Implementation of your branding, images, fonts, colors, text
  • Integrations with scheduler and email apps
  • Free premium plugins
  • Assistance with hosting and domain setup
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Personalized Live Training Session
  • ONE round of minor edits (major edit requests totaling more than 1 hour will cost extra)
  • BONUS: Includes Thank You page and separate eBook subscribe page to share on social media
What happens after I pay?

After you pay you should receive an email within moments that contains a link to schedule your Business Strategy Assessment and other important information about the project.

The next email you’ll receive is a sign-up link for our Client Portal. There is some manual work involved to set up your Client Portal which includes setting up a shared Google Drive folder for uploading your content and workbooks. Your Client Portal will include all the workbooks, step-by-step guidance on filling them out, as well as any other information we need from you. Please allow up to 1 business day for access to your Client Portal.

Will I have any additional costs when setting up my website?

Depending on what tools and add-ons you’d like to add to your website, you may have some extra costs.

At minimum, you will have website hosting fees and domain fees. Domains (your website address such as can run up to approximately $20 per year. Website hosting typically runs from about $4 – $8 per month (it will be cheaper if you pay 3 years up front). All of this will be explained and setup instructions will be in the Client Portal.

Most of the tools and add-ons I recommend have a free version which tends to work fine for most coaches. However, if you want something with more features, you’d have to upgrade to the pro version. The pros and cons of each free vs. paid tool will be explained in your client portal and you can decide what is best for you.

Won’t my website look just like everyone else’s who chooses the same template I do?

No! Even though we’re starting from a template, your design won’t look just like anyone else’s. The template design is simply the layout (WHERE things are located on the page). After fonts, images, colors, logo, and content are switched out for yours, it will look completely different. We can even rearrange the order of sections (for instance, you want the testimonials to be higher up on the page). Plus we’ve been known to throw in some extra design tweaks that will truly make your website unique.

Where can I find hi-resolution images to use for my website?

There will be much more detail around where and how to procure images in the workbooks, however here’s a list of free and paid sites that are typically recommended:


  • Pexels
  • Pixabay
  • Unsplash


  • Creative Market
  • Deposit Photos
  • Haute Stock
  • Pixistock
  • 123RF
  • Shutterstock
Can I use any of the images in the template demo sites in my website?

Yes, but only if you pay a licensing fee to the company who sells them (I have a license only for displaying the photos on my demo sites; I don’t have a resale license).

All the images used in the template sites were either purchased from Creative Market or Deposit Photos. Listed below are the sites where I purchased the images for each template:

I already have a website and am looking to replace it. Can I use a template site for that??

Yes. Whether you’re starting with a brand new site or you already have one, the process largely remains the same. When we create your website, we do so entirely on our development server. You will review your site on our server and we will implement feedback there as well. Once we have the final OK from you, We will move it to your hosting provider and it will be LIVE. The new site will overwrite anything that was already there. So whether it’s a brand new WordPress installation, or you already had an existing site, your new site will replace the old and overwrite everything (so make sure if you had an existing site, you’ve saved any assets that you wanted to keep prior to publishing your new site).

I already have my own lead magnet. Can I use that one?

Absolutely! While we want to make it as easy as possible for you to publish a high-quality lead magnet in a common niche, we understand that you may already have your own lead magnet that you’d like to use. If you do use your own lead magnet, it won’t be customized by us to use your brand fonts and colors. We’ll use it as is.

How long does the process take?

That completely depends upon you and how quickly you can schedule your Strategy Call and fill out the workbooks. Once I get all the required information from you (filled workbooks, images, sign up for services), then I will complete your website within 7 business days for your review. If there are any extra customizations desired outside of the included minor updates, then I will give you a time and cost estimate at that time.

What support do you offer after my site is live?

Right after going live, we’ll conduct up to a 1-hour live training session with you on your completed site so you’ll be able to maintain your website yourself. This gives you the opportunity to get all your questions answered as the training takes place. The training will also be recorded so that you can refer back to it later.

After your site is live, we offer 30 days of email support. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have. If anything is broken that wasn’t caught before launch, we’ll fix it at no charge. If something gets broken due to changes you made after launch, or if you’d just like an update made to your site and don’t want to do it yourself, we’ll give you a cost estimate before proceeding. Our ongoing maintenance fees are $50 per hour with a 1/2 hour minimum.

I like elements on two different templates. Can I combine them?

The short answer is, yes you can.

The beauty of these templates is that they’re built on modular blocks that can easily be moved between projects/templates. For example, if you like the formatting of the testimonials better on a template that you didn’t choose, I can use that format for your testimonials instead.

This needs to stay within reason of course. If you are wanting to interchange many different elements from all the different templates, there may be an extra charge for that depending on how time-intensive it will be to implement.

For any such modifications, I will always give you a cost estimate prior to implementing, so you can decide if you’d like to do it or not.

I suggest choosing the template that is MOST like what you want, and swapping out elements from another template sparingly.

I want something extra that isn’t listed here. Can you provide that?

For the most part, yes, however it will cost extra. You can schedule a call with me before you purchase a template to discuss your needs and I’ll provide a free quote.

Do you design custom websites?

Why yes I do!

You can see some examples of my work on my Portfolio page.

You can get more information, including pricing and how the development process works, at my Custom Website Design page.

I still have questions. How can I reach you?

No problem! Either send me a message or schedule a call with me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you still have.


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Confidently design + build your own website, even if:

You have no experience with WordPress
You aren’t techie or are “computer-challenged”
You have no design or copywriting skills


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