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Wendy Neal Design - Organize Your Mind Planner

Organize Your Mind Planner


Get rid of stress and overwhelm caused by all the endless ideas and thoughts taking up so much mental space in your brain – and organize them so you can concentrate on the important stuff that will move you closer to your goals.

The Organize Your Mind planner is an undated 6-month daily planner that helps creative thinkers organize all the scattered thoughts in their head and focus on getting the right stuff done. A mix of GTD® (Getting Things Done) and bullet journaling, it provides the right amount of structure with flexibility and creative outlet so you can exercise both sides of your brain while getting stuff done.

Whether you’re a busy creative, an entrepreneur, or wearing multiple hats, this planner will help you capture all those ideas floating around in your head that are taking up a lot of mental energy and store them away for safekeeping. It provides a systematic way to consistently track and process your backlog of ideas and tasks, and helps you prioritize them so that you’re working on the right things at the right time. Work smarter, not harder, with the Organize Your Mind planner!

Included in this planner:

  • Index and page numbers to easily find your place
  • 6 Monthly Calendars
  • 6 Monthly Planning & Review Pages
  • 6 Months of Weekly Spreads
  • 6 Habit Trackers
  • Planning Lists (Inbox, Waiting For & Someday/Maybe)
  • Projects/Next Actions Planning Pages
  • Blank List Pages to use for Bucket Lists, Books to Read, Shows to Watch, etc.
  • 10+ Productivity Quotes for Motivation and Inspiration
  • Dot Grid Blank Pages for note taking, mind mapping, or doodling
  • Plenty of coloring elements and doodle areas throughout for creative outlet
  • Handy 7×10 inch size
  • 242 pages

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Wendy Neal Design
Wendy Neal Design - Organize Your Mind Planner - What's Included
Wendy Neal Design - Organize Your Mind Planner - What's Included

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