Your website will be the first impression potential clients get; they know if they want to hire you before they read a single word.

Getting your site together is a little overwhelming, I totally get it. I’ve helped many fellow health coaches like you succeed by…

Keeping the focus on your needs and desires. You have enough people in the world trying to tell you what to do. I will always advise you which packages and services I believe would be in your best interest, but it’s really up to you in the end!
Providing honest feedback. Some health coaches need brand new sites, and some just need an upgrade on their themes or plugins. Either way, you can rest assured you’ll receive accurate and helpful advice on what works and what hasn’t in my experience.
Offering plenty of assistance. The worst thing a web designer could do is set up a fantastic website…that their client doesn’t know how to use. I’ll walk you through the basics and make sure you can operate the backend on your own before handing over the reins.

You need a professional who can partner up with you and take a realistic look at what your expectations are and apply them to your new website. You want health coaches everywhere to stop at your page and wonder how they can get to where you are.

It is time for you to stop looking for inspiration in others, they should be looking for you!



Information Gathering – I’ll send you a Branding Questionnaire to fill out and return to me. You will also be responsible for gathering any headshots/photos you want me to use, and all website written copy. We may optionally have a kickoff phone call if necessary to clarify any missing information or questions.




Usage of the Internet is becoming more common due to rapid advancement.

Your clients want someone who understands what they’ve been going through, someone they can relate to, someone who just gets it.

They want a solution to their stress, their poor physical health, and their overall well-being. You are the key to unlocking that door, you are the shepherd who can lead them to greener pastures. 

I work closely with you at every step to be sure you’ve got the best website possible, and the most useful tools at your disposal so that your competition doesn’t stand a chance!

The Web Design Process – What To Expect

Wendy Neal Design - Website Strategy


Failing to plan is planning to fail. Before I can create your beautiful website, we need to have a strategy and a plan. Through a combination of emails, phone calls, and workbooks that you’ll fill out, I’ll work closely with you to understand your goals and objectives, as well as exactly who your target audience and ideal clients are. You’ll also send me your headshots and any other photos you’d like me to use, along with your written copy. Then I’ll craft a plan to build your website that delivers your unique brand and messaging.

Wendy Neal Design - Brand Elements


If you don’t already have your brand elements in place, I can work with you to define your brand personality, discover your personal story, and craft your ideal client profile. We’ll also create your brand board and choose your colors, fonts, and images/concepts. And if you don’t have a logo, I can create a simple, text-only logo for you (up to two colors) with a pretty serif, sans-serif, or script font.

Wendy Neal Design - Website Design


At this stage in the process, I’ll take your brand elements (whether I helped you put them together or if you already had them created by someone else), and your content, and put them all together into a beautiful, clean website design that meets your goals and objectives that were defined in the website strategy sessions. You’ll be able to give feedback and suggest up to three rounds of revisions until you are completely happy with how your site looks.

Wendy Neal Design - Website Development


Once the design is finalized, I’ll put the finishing touches on your site. This includes hooking up your lead magnets, setting up email automations, adding SEO keywords to your pages and blog posts, making sure your site is mobile-ready, and configuring the remaining plugins such as backup and anti-spam tools, cookie consent, and social sharing. Also I will optimize your images so they load fast, proofread and offer copy rewrite suggestions, and thoroughly test your site to make sure all is working as intended before “going live.”

Wendy Neal Design - Live Training


After your site is live, I’ll conduct a 1-hour training session with you where I’ll show you how to add pages and blog posts, how to edit pages, how to keep your plugins up to date, how to perform backups and restores, and other necessary functions in your WordPress backend. I like to use your finished site for the training so that you can see real-world examples of what I will teach you, and not some generic pre-recorded training. The session will be recorded so you can rewatch at your leisure.

Pricing Plans*

BASIC – 1 Page


Custom Website Design
1-Page Website
3 Legal Pages Included
Text-Only Logo Design + Brand Elements
1x Freebie / Lead Magnet Setup
Mailing List Setup
Scheduling / Calendar Integration
Copy Editing / Rewrite
LIVE Training Session (Will Be Recorded)
BASIC – 4-5 Pages


Custom Website Design
4-5 Pages (can include 1 sales page)
3 Legal Pages Included
Text-Only Logo Design + Brand Elements
1x Freebie / Lead Magnet Setup
Mailing List Setup
Scheduling / Calendar Integration
Copy Editing / Rewrite
Blog/Recipes Setup + 3 Articles
LIVE Training Session (Will Be Recorded)
THE WORKS – 10 Pages


Custom Website Design
Up to 10 Pages (can include 2 sales pages)
3 Legal Pages Included
Text-Only Logo Design + Brand Elements
3x Freebie / Lead Magnet Setup
Mailing List Setup
Scheduling / Calendar Integration
Copy Editing / Rewrite
Blog/Recipes Setup + 3 Articles
Shopping Cart / Payments Setup (up to 10 products)
Sales Funnel Template + Automation
LIVE Training Session (Will Be Recorded)
*All plans require a 50% retainer paid up front, and remaining 50% paid just prior to going live

Not exactly what you’re looking for?

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You have no design or copywriting skills


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