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Wendy Neal Design - Proactive Pain Discovery Journal

Proactive Pain Discovery Journal


What if you could predict your pain?

Wondering if that restaurant meal you ate last night or the incoming thunderstorm could be the culprit behind your chronic pain flare? Are you puzzled by why you feel great some days, but feel like you got hit by a truck on others?

The Proactive Pain Discovery Journal is a 60-day tracking journal to help you predict trends in heightened pain and other symptoms so you can take measures to mitigate the not-so-good days (and get full enjoyment out of the good ones).

Become your own detective and solve the case of what causes your chronic pain and symptom flares.

Included in this planner:

  • Table of Contents with page numbers to easily find your place
  • Undated journal allows you to start tracking any time
  • 60 Daily Pain & Symptom Tracker spreads
  • Mood & Pain Tracking Chart to help you identify symptom triggers
  • Supplement List
  • Medication List
  • Doctor Visit Log
  • Lab Results Log
  • Blank lined note pages
  • Handy 5.5 x 8.5 inch size for carrying in a purse or bag
  • 146 pages

Take a Peak Inside!

Wendy Neal Design
Wendy Neal Design - Proactive Pain Discovery Journal - What's Included
Wendy Neal Design - Proactive Pain Discovery Journal - What's Included

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